Non-traditional money making ideas

After a lot of thinking, and a couple of months of research, I've come up with a list of ways I can make money working for myself.

Collecting scrap metal:
Seems like it could be lucrative, except for the fact that I drive a 95 Honda Accord. That limits what I can haul. I have the fear that I'll end up spending more money on gas then I'll actually make from selling the scrap. Iron only goes for a few cents a pound, which means months of collecting (and burning gas), or waiting until I find some huge beam or piping that weighs thousands of pounds, and calling the scrap yard to come pick it up. Most people that do this have pick up trucks or large SUV's at their disposal. I have started collecting allready. I've got about 10 pounds of steel, and 3 pounds of copper, valued at roughly $15.

Buying from Craigslist and selling on Ebay:
If you don't know about Craigslist by now, do some research. It's like a free Ebay where you deal locally without entering personal information. People on Craigslist generally sell for drastically cheaper then what people on Ebay buy for. Money could be made for someone who can afford to take a little risk getting started. I have sold a couple of my own item's on Craigslist, though I'm not having any luck with Ebay. I think the trick to Ebay is to list your expensive item for a dollar, and slapping a big NO RESERVE tag on the auction. A little risky, but most of the successful auctions I have seen have been done in this way.

Paid youtube sites:
Theres a dozen or so youtube style websites out there that pay you for getting alot of views on your videos. I'll cover the big 3 that I know most about, and their advantages.

The first is Break. Break offers $400 for getting a video listed on the front page. The videos that make it are hand selected, but all meet the same criteria. Must have 20,000 views in 30 days, and you must own the rights to the video. At $400, you don't get to keep the rights to your video. Which means it ends with break, and it stops making money. You can opt to take $200 instead, which will allow you to keep the rights to your video. The major advantage of break is how much they pay your for your views. $400 is a lot of money compared to what other sites are offering for 20,000 views. $200 is still quite competitive. The only problem is that your video has no chance to make any more then that. Break only pays you for your video once.

Then there is Metacafe. Metacafe is probably my favorite so far, but we'll see how I feel once I start getting paid. Metacafe offers a paltry $5 for each thousand views, or $100 for 20,000. One quarter of what break pays. However, you get $100 for each additional 20,000 views after that. Which means 1 million views pays $5,000! Generally, your million plus viewed videos on metacafe consist of a hot girl demonstrating how to do a magic trick. I have some good ideas of how I might take advantage of this fact, though I'm not telling until I try them first.

Finally there's Revver. Revver is not nearly as large as Metacafe or break, so don't expect to make any money from the views generated by it's members. Revver pays based on ad-clicks. So someone not only has to view your video, but they also have to click on one of the ads displayed. That is the major disadvantage of the site. The major advantage Revver has over the other two is that you can make money without posting videos. If your skills are in promoting rather then video production then this might be the site for you. If your signed up, you can view a video and copy the address in the box titled "permalink". You then share this address to make money. So, find a couple of really interesting vids, and spread the links on your own blog, 4chan, myspace, whatever. Revver could be a SERIOUS money maker for someone with some production talent, because there aren't that many good videos there now. If you were to produce something awesome, other money hungry loosers will spread your link around hoping to make money off your video. You still get %40 of the total income when this happens, and you have to do no work promoting it yourself. Their system is basically a fully automated viralizing machine.

My pick of the 3 is Metacafe, because it seems to have the most straight forward payment system that offers the highest rewards for a good video, and it also has the largest community with over 15 million members. Of course it isn't smart to just pick one. Use all three, and search Google for more. Theres a few more sites out there that pay.

Today I did some promoting of Revver videos on 4chan without much success. I also posted a link to a cool live action simpsons intro found on Revver at nohomersclub, a Simpsons forum. It has gotten some attention though no profits so far. About a week ago I uploaded a video of a bunny humping a cat to Metacafe, which without any promotion has acquired 1500 views in one week. Not phenomenal by Metacafe's standards, but should still reach the 20,000 mark by the deadline, which is 6 months.

I spent 2 months thinking and researching. I've been actively trying to make money for about 1 week now. So far, my total profits are $0!!! But I am hopeful for what the future will bring.


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