Misleading affiliate programs

So I get kicked in the balls yet again. This time by the mysterious affiliate I was talking about in the previous post. I had sent them a message asking for clarification on the details of what exactly I'd be getting paid for. 3 days later I got this response:

Dear Kevin,

Earnings are only made when a referral signs up for a year term or greater of our professional
xxxxxxx package. Credits for those referrals will then be put in queue for verification and can take up to 45 days to be reviewed and credited to your account.

If you need any further assistance please let us know.

What they just said was that I had to get people to sign up for their paid service. Which is understandable. However I had specifically chosen them because they were advertising that they pay for sign ups to their FREE service. There is a graphic under their affiliates page that specifically states "Earn $1 for each person you refer that signs up!"

They had me believing that they had a pay per lead program, which basically means I make money any time someone gives them their personal information and creates a free account.

The professional package that they were talking about pays between $50 - $100, depending on the length of the contract the buyer signs up for. Which is still decent, though not what I was looking for.

This does not come as a shock to me. I fully expected something like this to happen. Money does not come easy. It is frustrating though, sitting here with this million dollar idea and not being able to capitalize on it.