It's been a while since I last posted! Not that it matters much. It's not like I have many readers here anyways.

I have managed to make $400! How did I do it you ask? Well it wasn't easy. Ok maybe it was, depending on your perspective. The first thing I did was create a profile on I posted my x-ray tutorial there, and it performed amazingly well. It managed to collect 4,000 + views before it disappeared into the depths of the "recently submitted" category. This is about 4 times higher then your better videos do. Unfortunately I discovered that Break had changed thier terms.

No longer does a video need 20,000 views to advance to the front page. All a video needs is to be approved by the moderators and it's there. So basically your video has to catch their attention, then make them laugh.

Now I for one am not a good video producer. The only reason I got involved with this in the first place was to make money. So I hopped on looking for a video to steal. The video had to be both funny and interesting, AND I had to be able to verify that it actually belonged to the owner of the account it came from.

It only took about an hour to find the perfect video. I won't describe it because I don't want to be caught. But I will tell you it was the first video (after reviewing dozens) that made me laugh. I did a quick search on Break and Youtube to see if it had been posted anywhere. Not finding it, I submited it to Break.

2 days later I found out it had hit the homepage. My best friend told me about it over the phone. I was excited. That was probably one of the happiest moments I remember having in a long time. Imagine how you would react if you found out you won 10,000 through the lottery. Yeah, maybe I was a bit over excited, but after getting repeatedly kicked in the nuts by Metacafe, and Revver, it was nice to see there was a program out there that actually DID pay.

Now this video was only supposed to be a test to see if Break actually paid. I wasn't about to invest time shooting and editing videos (it's alot of work!) if the program was a scam. I never intended to actually collect. Having money in front of you kinda changes things though, and I needed it bad.

After a few more days I had to contact Break myself to inform them that my video was on the homepage. I think they were hoping that I didn't know about thier payment program. It was the next day before I got an email with all the paperwork included. I filled it out and mailed it back to them via ups. The following friday, I had $400 in my paypal account.

I told my friend that I had been paid, and that he should try it himself. He stole his own video, submitted it, and a few days later it found it's way to the homepage.

Since then I've tried about 10 more videos and none of them made it. It could be that Break had caught on to me, or that both myself and my friend had just gotten lucky. Regardless, I don't think I'll be submiting any more videos that I don't own because I wan't to avoid the possible legal consiquences of doing that. Though it doesn't take much searching to find users on Break who have had dozens of videos on the home page. None of them appear to actually own these videos. Infact in most casses it's obvious. I don't think Break cares.

Should you take the risk? I say go for it, but be smart about it. And don't be greedy. It's when people don't know when to stop that they get caught.

My final vertict on is as follows:
Break is the easiest way to make alot of money online anywhere on the internet. Most families have atleast one video tucked away somewhere that would be worthy of Break's homepage. Though getting multiple videos there legitimately would take a producer with some serious skill and experience in video production.

The downside of, as I have said in a previous post, was that you only get paid for your videos once. No additional money comes in as your view count rises.
Also there is no sure-fire method of being successful. It doesn't take long to figure out what kind of videos Break wants on it's homepage, but it's still very hit or miss.

About half of the videos that hit the homepage are obviously not owned by the submitter. Things like funny clips from gameshows, great football catches, nascar wrecks, security footage, etc. I believe break does this intentionally so they don't have to pay out as much.

The bottom line though, is that DOES pay.